YOKOHAMA is known as one of the leading tyre companies in the world. In order to fulfill its role as a top company and to promote locally based activities and create relationships of trust with customers, YOKOHAMA has developed a unique tyre-pro shop network

YOKOHAMA has tyre-pro shops around the world that match the YOKOHAMA tyre concept and deliver high-quality products and services to a large number of customers

Each shop contains tyres suitable for 4WDs, sedans, vans and luxury cars. Professional staff members are always on hand in an environment befitting the YOKOHAMA brand so customers can feel at ease

Types of Tyre

The leader in our product line-up.
The name found only on our top-performing tyres.
Fast. Comfortable. Genuine. Spirited.
ADVAN is for those satisfied only when leading the pack.

Around curves, on highways, even on roads you travel severy day.
The YOKOHAMA .drive series brings a new feeling of excitement to every driving situation. Extreme stability that lets you concentrate on your driving without being distracted by changing weather. Plus agile handling that responds directly to your intentions. The .drive series takes tyre performance to a higher level, giving you greater feelings of confidence, sportiness and enjoyment every time you're behind the wheel

Getting out the city, and drive into the weekend nature. Drive down million-mile through a muddy rough road and a lush grassland. Bring out a potential of your SUV with GEOLANDAR. Its high performance in running broadens the field of your action, and will brings you an impressive encounter with many different scenic. With this tyre, even a rhythm of bumps on the rough road makes you feel as if it's a passionate step of a dance. For the driver who becomes enthusiastic for going outdoors on the weekend, one can never give-up this tyre which brings you a dream of going anywhere on the earth.

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