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Yokohama Tires

Nexa Auto Color Paint

Yokohama Rubber Co. LTD. has vast business in product groups like Tyres, Industrial Products, Aerospace Products, Sports goods, Sealing Materials, Adhesives, Coating Materials, Hoses for different applications like Automobiles, Construction machinery's, Aerospace. Yokohama Rubber Co. is the Seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

Nexa Auto color, a world leader in the manufacture of paint offers products of the highest quality and a comprehensive range of support services, including internationally recognized training. Nexa Autocolor provides highly accurate color information and system to ensure that you can achieve a perfect color match quickly, efficiently and profitably. We value practical service and support.

Cofran Oil  

The earliest recorded use of lubricants (veg. and animal fat) dates back nearly 20 centuries. Great stone statues and stone structures were moved using greases and lubricants. The first people to use petroleum products were believed to be the American Indians. Enterprising but legitimate businessmen who saw the potential usefulness of the new petroleum products followed these early charlatans. The new era of greases and oil evolved slowly. Petroleum was one of the supreme technical discoveries of mankind.