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At Cofran there is always "Something Special in Lubricants"

The earliest recorded use of lubricants (veg. and animal fat) dates back nearly 20 centuries. Great stone statues and stone structures were moved using greases and lubricants. The first people to use petroleum products were believed to be the American Indians. Enterprising but legitimate businessmen who saw the potential usefulness of the new petroleum products followed these early charlatans. The new era of greases and oil evolved slowly. Petroleum was one of the supreme technical discoveries of mankind.


From hence, the demand for these products increased by leaps and bounds. To keep up with the newer generation of high-speed, high tech equipment, companies begun to concentrate in the need for high quality lubricants. Most oil companies are fuel companies. They switched their attention to high volume, high profit fuel production. Oils and greases production became of secondary importance. These were left to the smaller corporate to research and design. Thus emerged product brands like COFRAN, etc, which are basically manufactured solely by lubricant companies keeping in mind the needs of the customer and modern machinery. Today Cofran has been recognized as a part of the major brands in automobile and industrial maintenance lubricants, though we have yet a long way to go.

Cofran was founded in the year 1954, having its origin at France. Since 1975, it has been established in Middle East, South East Asia, North and South America and the performance has been astonishing. Cofran is basically a Lubricant Company. Today in Kuwait, we at Mohammed Naser Al-Sayer in association with Cofran, France have specialized in the marketing, sales and service of high tech lubricants specially meant to meet the needs of today's maintenance and automobile industry. Cofran engineers through constant research have tested the products under "real world" conditions and come out with a wide range of specialty greases and oils which can withstand high and low temperatures, shocks, fling off, extreme pressure, etc. Cofran range includes a wide range of specialty greases, engine oils, hydraulic oils, and other special products to meet today's growing demands.