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We undertake special promotions for different segments in the society with a social commitment. This is to provide tailor made car rental solutions according to the requirement of each individual, organization or companies.

Teachers Special
A promotion exclusively for Teachers. Considering the requirement of the vehicle only for an academic year, special packages are being offered. Hundreds of individuals coming to educate the future generation in Kuwait enjoy it as a blessing in terms of their conveyance.

Family On Wheels
A special package for House wives in Kuwait. Considering the moderate usage and long duration of rental, the most economical rental package with full post rental service support is being provided to expatriate families in Kuwait.

Spot Rental
For daily, weekly or monthly rentals are being provided from six spot rental counters conveniently located in Kuwait city, Shurq, Ahmadi, Shuwaikh, Al-Rai and Ardiya.

Long term Rental (Leasing)
Yearly rental contracts with complete service package will be provided for individuals, establishments and major local and foreign companies. More than 5000 thousand vehicles are being leased out on yearly basis ( one year, two or three years). Depending on the quantity and period, special rental packages are being worked out to be economically convenient and feasible for the customer.

Customers & Experience
During the past we had great opportunities to engage in car rental business with international clients such as the American Army, DynCorp., ITT, CSA (Combat Support Associates) British Aerospace, etc.. and we were presented with various awards and certificates in recognition of our extremely great co-operation and contribution in terms of vehicle hire which has resulted in their success of operations in Kuwait.

At present we have Halliburton, Gas & Oil field Services Co, Saipem S.P.A., Alstom Grid SAS, Heston Kuwait, Huawei Tech Investment, National Khorafi, Hyundai, SK Engineering, Doosan Heavy Industries, Baker Hughes, Hitachi Ltd., Tecnimont S.P.A, Turner Steiner Projacs, Worley Parsons, Ericsson, KRH etc., are few among hundreds of local and foreign companies having long term rental contracts with Al-Sayer Car Rental in Kuwait.