Envisaging a bright future for animal feeds here.

M/s. Mohammed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons, one of the most prominent business houses of Kuwait, established a Feed plant in June 1966, to manufacture cattle and poultry feeds and other related products as Horse feed . These products are being regularly supplied all over the state.

Recent establishment of large poultry companies and feed factories in the public sectors in Kuwait did reduce the role of private enterpreneurs. They will also undertake analysis , quality control etc. of these products and they to keep up with the latest development in this line, to cater to the needs of a large poultry farming community in Kuwait.


Over 46 years the KAFEED has been constantly working on improving the food processing industry.

  Today KAFEED are able to produce following:    



Horse Feed

Cattle Feed

Sheep Feed

Rabbits Feed

Fish Feed

Poultry: Chicks, Growers, Broilers and layers Feed

Duck Pigeion Feed and Ostrich Feed

All kinds of concentrates & Premixes

Soya bean meal

Lime Stone (Granules & Powder)
Alfalfa (Pellets & Hay)

Our market leadership is continually by a commitment to being the high-technology leader in our field.

Produce feeds as international standards for each kinds.

Our continuous innovation has to led to market leadership with market shares of the whole sale market. We are the only company in animal feed market that has a wide access to the farming and animal husbandry.

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